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Regan is the ultimate realtor consumers dream of having to represent their interest in purchasing the home of their dreams. Regan represents all that could possibly be positive in a profession filled with less than average sales agents. Regan's knowledge of her market and positive human relations expertise makes her the Realtor of the year in my books and most certain that all of her clients would concur. Regans unwilling effort to right a wrong after commission has been paid lowers her rating greatly. At issue were over 16 windows that were compromised prior to my buying the home and sloppy attic framework/bracing that I was unaware of. Her handpicked home inspector passed both on the home inspection. I contacted her on numerous occassions for her support in having the previous owner live up to her promise of having eight windows repaired, as her contractor could never produce paperwork to reflect same. Do not expect support from this agent after the sale if the transaction goes haywire. I sold the home two years later and the buyers home wrote up thest above discrepancies. To have the attic repair done properly cost me $583.00 and the windows were a $1500.00 credit to buyer.More Less

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Response from Regan Forrest on 07/19/2015

Blountsville, Alabama?? If I've learned anything in my 49 years it's that you can’t please everyone all the time. Being a professional, I welcome constructive criticism, so thank you for your review. Because I am held to keep most information confidential when it comes to my clients, it would be neither wise nor ethical for me to elaborate upon any details on the transaction. However, the suggestion or speculation that the quality of my service, performance or effort is, in any way commensurate with my desire for commission, is inappropriate, inaccurate & unappreciated. I will add that the contractor was not "my contractor" but rather that of the Seller & Listing Realtor. Again, I welcome honest, direct criticism & correction. That’s how we learn & I'm constantly striving to improve. I regret that it took more than 3 years to receive this. Perhaps the outcome would have been better for both of us with a more timely response on your part. I wish you the best of luck in your new home.