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Was there foul play with this address?

I think my father was misrepresented by his realtor. When I had first seen this property on Zillow the property had a sold for price that was listed under price info. After I had told the realtor about it we put in an offer through her. My father had singed some forms with her, she said that she was his realtor. She said that his offer was too low and laughed it off. My father had told me what she had done and I had him call her. I told his realtor no matter what the offer was since she was his realtor she had to put in the offer. She said OK but was very reluctant. The realtor never sent back a counter offer, that I understand. His realtor said that the offer was turned down and then he sent in another offer, each time, a little higher. The other realtor had gotten back to my fathers realtor about every second or third day after each offer. His realtor would tell my father once again to submit another  higher offer. After some offers the realtor had told my father that the selling realtor was not accepting any other offers. We wanted to look at other homes and my father did not like working with this realtor so we contacted another realtor. This realtor had said that since he signed a contract whit his first realtor he was under contract with her. My father emailed her and she emailed him back saying that he never signed a contract with her to be his realtor. WOW... OK Now my main questions are "Foul Play"? At one point when we first entered the property with the(his) realtor, she said that her and her husband buy and flip houses. How can we find out they are not connected some how with the purchase of the house(purchase on this property not completed yet)? How can we find out in she put in the offers my father had offered? How can we find out if it was her that removed the original sold for price under the price info on Zillow?