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How do you get Zillow to correct information that is wrong?

When a Caldwell Broker entered information for the home next store, he transposed the address. Now, prior listing results are showing up on my property. This listing was substantially less than my property, so I don't know what impact it has on the zillow estimates.I've asked this question before, and can't get an answer. There doesn't seem to be a customer service. 

How do I correct your listing?


You should be able to edit the listing and claim the property as yours. Then you can make changes to the property listing details.

House next door has my address, but is using their price history and taxes. How to change?


Well, Zillow removed three records that were showing under my address, but now another older price history record for the house next door is showing. A customer service rep Ski L said to check and let her know, but I don't know how to let her know except for posting, which I did a few days ago.I found a customer service link that I will try to use: says they will respond shortly!

How to remove Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel posted price history on wrong property?

The property next door, at 15542, was listed for sale by Coldwell Banker realtor. However they put the home details under my address, 15524. I have claimed the home, but I have not been able to remove the price history which is impacting the zillow estimates I think. The house next door has sold for 135K and is listed for 171K, and my estimate is 154K. The other neighbor to the south has a similar home to mine and is listed at 188K. 

No option to claim my home

Best Answer

I just went though this. You need to select edit the details, and you will see the option to claim this house.