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Who covers errors on a purchase agreement
 When I purchased my house 6 weeks ago, the agreement was taxes would be pro-rated. The seller would cover the first 3 months and I would cover the remaining 9 months. I was told that the house was not assessed yet, it was a new construction, but should automatically be assessed for 50% of the sale. I just found out that the house was already assessed at the beginning of the year for 35% more than the sale. Based on the amount they charged the sellers for taxes, they only payed under 6% of the years taxes. According to the City, the builder was notified about the assessment which was done before I ever looked at the house.So now not only am I am paying almost the full taxes for the first year. I get to pay inflated taxes every year.
May 23 2012
Assessment on a new construction
Hi,I bought a new construction house in Michigan 45 days ago (I am the first owner) and I just looked the assessed value and it is 35% more than what I paid. I know I was able to negotiate a slightly lower price, 6.5% less than my neighbors house but the 35% difference doesn't even seem in the same ballpark. The frustrating thing is the assessors office told me I can't appeal it until next year because they only do appeals in the spring before I bought my house. Do I have any options?
May 22 2012