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Written about David Wright @ The Wright Choice Team on 08/16/2012
Showed home in 2012 in Biltmore, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

At first i was quiet impressed with Mr. Wright. He showed up on time to show me houses and seemed to be knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I got into a short sale agreement with him on a property. The selling party, messed up quiet a few things and i had to resign several documents and several deadlines were missed that had to be rearranged. Then they missed the deadline for the short sale to be complete. Afterwords, they countered with a higher price i was not willing to pay. Mr. Wright badgered me for not taking the increased price. Also, I found out that the property was within 2 blocks of a 100% section 8 complex which i found out about from a friend and easily was able to refind on google. Mr. Wright was defiant and said he didn't know where section 8s were and threatened me with legal action. I dont know about you but i think i would know this information and that he probably did and was withholding important information from me to simply complete a sale. I arranged a meeting with him to finish up the paperwork in person and he did not show. I am afraid that i can not recommend Mr. Wright for any reason.

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Response from David Wright @ The on 08/17/2012

As an experienced distressed property agent (CPDE, SFR, & Five Star Short Sale certified agent), I educated this buyer on the possible 3rd party responses to his short sale contract. As predicted, the bank countered with a counter-offer (which they do about 90% of the time). Given that the bank's counter was very fair - within 2% of his contract price, I did recommend that he accept the offer (assuming that he still wanted the home). He refused, which is certainly his right, but then delayed in signing the release of contract. So, the seller who was/is facing foreclosure informed me that they may pursue legal action against my client and as I am duty bound, I relayed that information to my client. It took several attempts to get the Release executed. Unfortunately, this buyer seemingly blamed me (his own agent) for the seller &3rd party bank's decisions. I wish him the best for the future and look forward to my next short sale or foreclosure transaction!