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Just looking for advice or thoughts, can the bank do this?

Hey All, We recently made an offer on a forclosed home. Within just a few hours we had already heard back, they accepted our offer just not the closing cost or the closing date. With some advice we decided it would be best to up our offer to include the closing. We waited for about a day or two when I came across our house reduced by $14,000. apparently the bank had three different departments or people working on this house and none were working together. They changed their story a few times and finallly took it off the market for 16 days well it be assesed for hurricane Sandy releif. (this area wasn't even effected but i could still see this being possible) Anyways it's past the 16th day and they still haven't made a final decision. We looked and many other houses and considered making other offers but the same temporary off market status has been put up on them too. We're not having much luck and minus our temp. living situation we have nowhere to go as work relocated our family the same time as the hurricane. (time is of the essense as we are throwing out extra cost on placing our pets and household goods else where. Can the bank do this considering we already had an accepted offer in hand?  Help our family with some advice please!