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Andrea knows her job. She listens and remembers. She becomes a partner in the process. At times though, she became more of a wife than an advocate-and I expected an advocate. Of course, me being unmarried and decidedly so, this may have something to do with it. I enjoyed her being my 'memory' on what I wanted. Always a pleasant experience-AND she stayed close to the deal as it was closing, and NOT letting it morph to where it wanted, like my last Realtor, who didn't contact me for three weeks prior to the sit down at closing.

Andrea's best strengths are her huge heart, her knowledge of the business, and her occasionally smart-ass whit, that never becomes unprofessional. I enjoyed working with her throughout. Although busy with other deals, she always knows where she is in her deal, and she managed my expectations throughout-and I can be difficult.

Andrea has her own mind. When she does advocate she does so 'behind the scenes', working to develop the best options that she can for you.

I will use Andrea again for a lot more reasons not listed here. I would recommend her to anyone.


J. Wright XXXXX, Phd, DD, MBA, MA Anderson, Inidiana
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