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  • Written about Unknown on 03/26/2012
  • Listed, but didn't sell my Single Family home in 2007 in Chagrin Falls, OH.
    Attached is an email I wrote to Susan when I found pictures on in August showing our house with a snow covered yard and leaves with no trees:

    Susan, I was very surprised to find that the main picture of our house listed on today shows a winter scene with snow and trees with no leaves. As we have discussed many times, we have left the marketing and sales decisions up to you, relying on your professional judgment. However, I must say I am a bit shocked to see a winter picture on August 24. Why is such a picture still there? What will buyers think when seeing such a picture - that the owners have no interest in selling to be so out of step that they didn't even bother to update their main picture? As also noted, we did not appreciate Merri's comments that "It's nice, but needs work." to some people who stopped by. Such statements are clearly counterproductive. I was amazed to hear of such a statement. Please explain. Regards,

    After switching agents, Susan later showed the house as a buyers agent and gave us the following "feedback":

    "should have sold 2 years ago when i had listed "

    This is what you can expect if you list with Susan.
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    Response from Reviewee on 05/16/2012
    Unfortunately although all the spring pictures had been updated in our system in a very timely manner, they did not transfer over to the site at that same time. 5 years ago, I was one of the first preferred agents.. and it was a mistake by and I still apologized for it.. although I don't believe this was the reason the house did not sell. My feedback that the house "should have sold 2 years ago when I had it listed" referred to an offer that was received and the Seller refused to even counter. A decision I did not recommend. As Realtors our relationship with our clients has to be a partnership. I have learned in time, that If my advise is not respected, than it is time to let the client go. After 5 years, this house is still on the market and has not sold through 4 different Realtors.


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