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I am looking for a hard money lender in Kansas City. Any ideas? Thank you


Thank you,4 bedroom home, very close to remodel completion, (<4K of work to be done) bought on contract for deed, lender/friend needs to be bought out at 42k. As is value 80-90K. ARV, probably 125k or so. Corner lot, zoned commercial, developer dirt-work 400' down street (same side of street), MoDOT states any development will need my corner lot for site required ingress/egress. Loan needed to finish pay off 1st mortgage of 42k, and fund finishing remodel of 4k.Have second property, free and clear to use for collateral if needed. Large three bedroom house on 5+ acres, horse barn, 2 wells, heavy with oak and walnut trees on land settled as ranch in 1844. This house with acreage is about 6 minutes north of downtown Kansas City.Thank you for you time and consideration.Doug Hartmann