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10/12/2013 - user5897240
We connected, but it did not work out.

We hired Mr. Dainty to do an inspection on our house as we prepared to put it on the market. After he was finished he sat in our living room and told us directly that when he does an inspection at the homeowner's request he is more thorough and picky than when he does one for a potential buyer. That was rather shocking. Then he proceeded to go through his "findings" with us. He cited items that had passed code inspection (we have done lots of remodeling) but that he questioned. These items were negligible at best. There was nothing of major significance in his findings yet his report was so detailed with minutiae that we decided not to use it as a selling tool. Ex: we were in the process of painting several rooms when he did his inspection. One of his findings was that the outlet and switch plates were missing. Yes, they were. They were sitting in the laundry room sink, soaking clean.

We had a contract on our house a few weeks later. They hired Mr. Dainty to do an inspection. We did think it odd that he accepted as we thought it was a bit of a conflict of interest. But we had no concerns because the small items that needed to be addressed had been. We received the report a few days later. Some of the same items that we had addressed were cited again. He also used the same pictures and wording from our report, even though the items now looked different. The buyers cancelled the contract with no explanation. We found out later that the buyer and Mr. Dainty knew each other (prior next door neighbors). When confronted by our agent Mr. Dainty admitted that the buyer had made a hasty decision when contracting for our house and was looking for a way out. We seriously suspect there was collusion between the two.

Please know that we have willingly shared his initial report with any potential buyer, including a summary of the things we have done to address the findings. Ex: covered wall plate on the patio outlet (even though the patio is covered by about 10-12 ft of roof), new pipes under the laundry room sink (they were starting to get encrusted), lens cover missing in bathroom light, etc. All nominal issues. We have nothing to hide.

We had a contingency contract in place when the one mentioned above came in. They could not compete so we accepted the second contract which was contingent on a new inspection. So, Mr. Dainty has caused us to lose not one but TWO contracts on our house. And for no good reason. We are extremely unhappy with Mr. Dainty's behavior, feel it is totally unprofessional and borders on unethical.

We cannot recommend this individual under any circumstances.
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