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In real estate four rules prevail. The first one is that the purchase of a property is a complex event and slight  mistakes can be very costly. You need the very best partners by your side.
Second important rule is the timing of transaction.
I have been investing in the real estate for a long time to know its gains and pit falls. I consider my self to be a thorough student of our local real estate market and our communities. I attend formal courses and classes on a very regular basis  to stay familiar with local zoning, tax laws, property laws and I know the ropes when it comes to obtaining financing for the purchase of property.
I also rent and manage properties. Too many of them to brag about. I have learnt the ropes of this trade in the trenches 
My value proposition in price negotiations is to build an ethical balance between buyers and sellers, remove conflict and mistrust that will foster more deals between them in the future. I assume primary responsibility for finalizing sales and related paper work.
I spend a lot of time looking for properties to buy or sell. A good part of my day is spent in comparing the properties with similar properties that recently sold, and to determine a competitive market price for the property.  I have been doing this for a long time.
I use best technology available to improve returns on every investment.
To an investor, the tax advantages of owning a property are innumerous. I educate myself in tax laws on a routine basis through the best partners in the industry. Mastery of Tax perspective in the third most important rule of Real Estate Investment.
Work ethics.  I work very hard and far far more than a standard 40-hour week, often working evenings and weekends. Advances in Internet allow me to be available with my full potential at odd hours. A detailed first meeting  and hours, days and often weeks of research is necessary for good the real estate deal. Hard work in the fourth and final rule of the real estate. Like many other things an American dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. 
Ask me for best deals in properties available today. Ask me to get you the money to invest. If you have the analytical mind I can help you achieve your American Dream
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03/20/2012 - user221349
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Bethlehem, PA.

I have rented a house in Bethlehem PA area through him. I have found him to be great in all areas of real estate knowledge. He is responsive to my needs and if thier is a problem he corrects it in a reasonable amount of time. He is a caring well rounded real kind person who really cares about his tenents. Also he has great communication skills and call you back immeadiately. Thank you Oscar for a great house to rent.  More Less 

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