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Which Commercial RE Firms To Begin A Career With?

Specifically, are there certain firms/brokerages that offer a better starting point for those new to the industry as far as training/mentoring, resources, commission/compensation structure? Location, within the US, is irrelevant. More importantly, are there any firms to avoid, initially, as a new agent? 

Possible for individual with no background in real estate sales to enter commercial real estate?

I am very interested in becoming a commercial real estate agent. While I do not have a background in residential or commercial real estate sales, I do have property management experience, specifically, simultaneous oversight of multiple apartment complexes. Also, I do not have a four year degree (roughly two years of college, good gpa; not that it matters without the degree) but my next goal is to pursue CCIM certification in order to gain fundamental knowledge of the industry and, hopefully, set my self apart from the average agent. Is finding entry level employment in commercial real estate sales possible/likely given my circumstances and plan?