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buying a home from family
Hello, I am going to be buying a home from my parents it is worth 300k and I am purchasing for 275k. What steps do I need to take to not use any realtors or agents besideds my loan agent? Do I need to contact a escrow company and title company?Thank you for your time
March 20 2013
cosigner question
So I just married and we are looking at buying a house.....I make about 56k a year with overtime and my wife makes about 30k/yr. my credit score is a 742 and hers is 702. both our debt to income ratio is a little on the high side but hers is really high. as far as my income goes I have only had my job about a year and 10 they will not accept my overtime as income yet. so that takes me to about 40k/yr. ...they only gave me 140k pre approval. I need to be in the 240k range to get into a ok house in southern california. Now my question is would I be able to get a higher approval if I took my wife off the loan and had my grandma cosign? my granmda does not have a job but has pefect credit  and has a pretty big bank roll. she does not have a morgage because she paid for her house outright when she moved back here a few years ago, nor does she have any real debit...not car payment, credit cards, ect.thanks for your advise
November 07 2012