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Is it illegal for my real estate agent to tell the sellers agent who is buying my house?


Sonny! He did use the word compromise! My husband is a very patient man and he finally snapped on him. Our agent told my husband he never expected that from him. He obviously thought he could run all over us. We are already planning on writing the real estate company and sitting with the head of the branch. I was just curious if I had grounds to report it as a legal issue on my states website.

Is it illegal for my real estate agent to tell the sellers agent who is buying my house?


Our contract has been since mid August and says they have to be out at closing, which is typical. Weeks after we had a binding agreement our agent says they want to close earlier if we can and wants 3 days occupancy. We couldn't make the close date closer and so we told them we are sticking to the date on the contract. Well now a WEEK before closing he is coming to us and let it slip that he told them who was buying our house. He said they want to close a day before our agreed closing date and have occupancy for 3 to 4 days after the closing. We didn't mind the change of date but we absolutely couldn't do the occupancy, due to my husband getting time off and using vacation days. I have been packing for weeks and preparing. Our agent became irate saying we weren't being "fair". He has told us MULTIPLE times that we are in breech of contract and they will break it off. Which is completely untrue. We have all our ducks in a row and never gave them a reason to think otherwise. They have contacted our bank without our knowledge and our agent has even gone to say they didn't believe we were selling our house so they haven't started packing. I told him tough, they knew the date was coming and it isn't my fault they aren't prepared. He constantly threatens us saying we are in breech of contract.... HOW? Well he finally called late today saying ok they just want occupancy until 9 pm of the closing day... quoting him "Whats a few hours?". We had a heated argument about how we have been treated and the fact that he let out personal information and how we feel as though he isn't really working for us. Well we told him to send the agreement through email so we could look it over. We look at it and the sellers signed it HOURS before this "deal" was even brought to our attention. Which means he let them believe (as we believe he has done the WHOLE time) that we would say ok. I told my husband after all this crap I refuse to sign it. We have been BULLIED this entire time and our agent has betrayed us. It is literally a week until closing and we just anxious and upset. We have 2 small children and wanted to make this move as smooth as possible.

Is it illegal for my real estate agent to tell the sellers agent who is buying my house?

We are selling our house to a friend. We have done our part and are waiting for the closing date on the house we are about to buy. Our agent has NOTHING to do with the sale of our house. We find out that our agent told them that a friend is buying our house and that we don't have to be out right away and so now they are asking for residency after they close with us! They ALSO did research and discovered where we are closing with our friend so they could question it with the closing company! Is this unethical? We have done our part on everything and have never had a reason for them to question us... I feel our agent has stabbed us in the back. He has repeatedly called us about them being able to stay in the house for the week after the close... mind you our agreement for closing has been an unusual 45 days. So these people have had PLENTY of time. Our agent has actually gotten MAD AT US for saying no, due to us preparing the whole time for this move and taking time off for it.