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Outdated KNOB & TUBE electrical


Debbie, Your question underscores the need for a full home inspection once you find the home you want to make offer on. When conducting home inspections on older homes, I regularly discover concerns such as yours with knob and tube, outdated, rusted, dangerous fuse panels, lead pipes, lead paint, insulation that contains asbestos, improper or failed sewage pipes / systems, mold, moisture, pests etc.. The owners of the home with serious issues ALL have something in common. They did not see the value in a home inspection and bought the money pit. Now they are stuck with it unless they too can find someone to buy who also is foolish enough to not have a home inspection performed. For $300 to $500 a full home inspection may save a person from making a mistake that will cost $1000.00's. With a home inspection report most buyers are successful in renegotiating a lower purchase price and/or repairs performed at the expense of the seller. Good luck with your home purchase! Patrick ErbErb Home Inspection ServicesAL# HI3083

is it necessary to have a vent in the kitchen?


The presence of a Kitchen Vent is not a code requirement. However, there are only two types of vents that are acceptable. 1. overhead vent that vents into kitchen, i.e. above stove. 2. Overhead vent that vents to outside through a fireproof vent pipe. So, if you add a vent make sure it is one of these two types.