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best choice for $40-50k loans

I have a. 682 800 800 I think. We want to bid on a fanniie mae homepath house in MI. The askiing price is $49k, and we want to bid $40-45, or $50k with a $5k allowance. I make $1235 and have almost no bills, and this is our first home. We can put up to 20% down. Only got one offer in the marketplace. Any advice? Can I get a loan?

How to buy a $25k house in MI with $19k? loans?

I make $1235/month, have a 682, 800, 800 for my scores, and I want to buy a $25k house in Michigan. We have about $19000.  Is there some way to get just a $5=$10k loan to cover me and leave me with something left over? Both of the houses can be moved into, one is completely re-done. Can you be specific like so-and-so will give you an ??? loan, or better yet, I can get you a loan :-)