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Any opinions or details related to Hallmark Home Builders in Richmond, VA?

I have been looking for a house in Glen Allen and stumbled across Hunton Station. The builder apparently is Hallmark Home Builders (HHB) owned by a Thomas R Towers Jr. They seem to have a connection to Construction Management Solutions in Chesterfield. CMS may be or may have simply been supplying back-office support. Online searches have turned up little and seemingly nothing positive.The Better Business Bureau's website states HHB has been in business since 1991 and on file since 1994, but the company is not BBB accredited. They also rate the company ‘F' with 5 complaints over the last 3 years relating to guarantee/warranty issues and problems with product/service. A court search indicated a number of civil cases involving the builder over the last 10 years. Many if not most of these appear to have been dismissed.For all I know they could be a great company and the details I've found so far are just typical for a small semi-custom home builder working sometimes with demanding clients/vendors, but……….