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Written about Paul Claeyssens on 06/05/2013
Bought a home in 2013.

My knowledge of the inventory was greater than Paul's. I think his judgements were lacking. His experience in real estate is evident but not as professional as we desired. We managed to close escrow but had issues with seller vacating the property. Paul was of very little help to us even though we said we wanted the property vacant at close of escrow. One area he had strength was in recommending good contractors and inspectors.

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Response from Paul on 07/23/2013

Regarding Local Knowledge, I am in that market all the time and know it very well. This reviewer is upset with the SELLER in a SHORT SALE I got for them at an amazing low price with great appreciation. Bad judgement? I did not represent the SELLER, The SELLERS AGENT exercised almost NO CONTROL over the SELLER, I spent many hours meeting the SELLER to honor his commitments. This was way beyond my role as a BUYERS AGENT. The SELLER suddenly had income tax leins that prevented closing escrow for almost two months. We hung in there and got it done while the property appreciated. The SELLER took furniture he was to leave behind. The SELLER went back to Haiti suddenly at close of escrow without clearing out his stubborn young female tenant as he had promised. The SELLER was not there to help. I made suggestions to get her out. Regarding process and negotiation, few agents could have managed this complex clash of Buyer and Seller personalities and greed while preventing ugliness, but I did.