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DD & K Vanlines LLC dbaThe Moving Service - Combine, TX


I have already submittred a report to the BBB. Also, when I asked them to pay for the broken table, they said they would only pay .60 cents a pounds on damaged goods. What if they broke a large screen flat panel tv that only weighs 80 pounds?!?!? They would only reimburse $48 ???!?!??!??Also, on the day i gave them my credit card to pay for the move, somebody tried to clone it.These people are criminals!!

DD & K Vanlines LLC dbaThe Moving Service - Combine, TX

The moving service or DD & K Vanlines are SCAMMERS. They quote you you one price then hold your furniture hostage and make you pay more than they quoted. They just did this to me this weekend on a move from Houston to Dallas. They were 2 hours late showing up to pick up the load and then the broke an end table with a light during the move.When we arrived at tthe new house they told me my furniture weighed more than the 3500 pounds. They showed me a weigh station receipt with no date and no break down of how much the trailer weighed and how much the furniture weighed. They would not release my belongings until i paid the extra amount. They said they would "put it in storage" until i paid.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They claim they are a "Christian company". This is not how Christians do business.