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Please take my home off FOR SALE,so I can put it FOR RENT now?

There is a whole page of people asking why they can't get a answer to their questions or can't talk to anyone,myself included? why won't you listen to people request? I need to buy home  up north,where my husband has already relocated? Va said can't have two mortgages,so take my home off FOR SALe page,so I can put it on FOR RENT page,now please asap,have to move before end of Sept,2013,I beg you??????????????????????Do not belong to or will I ever go on FACEBOOK???????????????????????????

Why won't Zillow take my home off the for sale part so I cause they won't let me put it on for rent

Why won't Zillow any my reply,I have asked them or emailed them at least 10 times,need to take it off FOR SALE and let me put it on FOR RENT,cause they won't let me have it on both sites,yet no one gets back to me,and I need to either sell or rent,cause no one seems to want to pay for nic ehome,they rather by dum or foreclosure or some other BS,and I need to get out of Delrico,fl now,ASAP,all alone family hate sit all left,I'm stuck here for Realtor lied to us Big time in 11/05,just for commission,didn't tell us what a rotten place an dneighbors are??????????????????????/