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How you fix discrepancies in the information forecasted by Zillow on the same listing.

I have listed house (10077 aberdeen drive, grand blanc MI 48439)  to sell (by owner). How do I personally contact the Zillow staff to go over the discrepancies. This is hurting me as you see two information which are totally different.Would you be able to contact me either through the phone call at 810-695-8147 or I can contact if you provide me Zillow's contact phone number. Otherway would be to email me (at for to who should I contact. Thank you very muchHakim   

Multiple Zestimate for same property??

How do I contact live with Zillow staff to bring their attention to multiple zestimate  on one single property..One Zillow advertisement for the property says for sale with one zestimate and other Zillow advertisement says "not for sale" with other zestimate.This is hurting me. Please contact me at my email: 


10077 Aberdeen drive has two Zests. One is $209K and other is 195K. Who do we contact on this regard?Thanks