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Can mortgage agent charge me an extra "fee" for her PRINTING the refinance paperwork.


After this Wells Fargo agent told me I was denied by the underwriter (after not hearing from her for like 3 weeks and having to personal call her), I asked her if the appraisal was transferable to other companies. She then stated that it wasnt transferable. It would only work if I did it with Wells Fargo. Then she went on stating that its the new government regulation, which I have no idea if this is true or not. I just wanted to ask what is TRUE?! I'm pretty disappointed at how this agent has handle this whole process so far. The thing that boogles my mind the most is that Wells Fargo is the current company that my mortgage is under, and with the refinance I would pay a lower monthly mortgage and pay it off faster!

Can mortgage agent charge me an extra "fee" for her PRINTING the refinance paperwork.

A wells fargo mortgage agent wanted to charge me $25 to cover her cost of printing  the necessary documents for my refinance paper. I went ahead and paid it. This seems very shady to me since I  never had to pay this extra fee that isnt stated in my home refinance paperwork. Should I report this and how so? She also told me I had to pay for an appraisal before she could submit the paperwork. I also went ahead and paid for it but I thought that I could wait until I see if I was approved before getting an appraisal. Is that not true? On top of this after a month I had to call her to see how the refinance process was going. She then told me that I didnt get approved by the underwriter. The reason was because my debt to credit ratio. I then question her on why she didnt have a better idea if I would be approved or not when she was doing the refinance paperwork with every piece of information she needed. Instead of making me pay for an appraisal beforehand when she never told me that my application looked like it could be denied by the underwriter. This agent said she has over 20+ years of experience but to me it seems like she has no experience at all!