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Unrealistic Values -- is this a liability for you?

You have repeated undervalued my home based off of sales of almost condemed houses in the area.  The group of houses that we are around are custom stick built homes with high value rating -- custom well kept inside and out.  The features in the homes and the yard and the outside of these homes are nothing compared to the homes down the road.  This is the eastern shore.  Your values are bogus.  You are publishing bogus values for advertising and I would like to see how you appraised my home.  I have official appriasal.  If I ever want to sell my home (which I don't now) and your values that hare illegimate have influenced buyers in the negative, this makes you liable.  If you choose to be publish your you need to accept responsibility for the content. You do not have the representation of the eastern shore correct. These postings of the homes around me and my home are beginning to make me very upset.  This is the third contact I have had regarding my home. This does not make you a professional represenation of the market. Please check with the local represenation before publishing.