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Sold before accepting offers???


To: Larry EulFirst of all, this is my first time buying a house. Sry, for not knowing how things work. This is why I have a buyers agent. If we all know how it works then why do we even need someone like YOU.Secondly, I did show your answer to my college math prof. he laughed his a.. off and so did I. I can bet money on it that I can do math better than 90% of people is US. If you count seven days from sept 7th (included) then it ends up being sept 13th. If you guessed, that it was listed sept 6th, then congratulation, seventh day is sept 12th, you used your fingers wisely.Anyways, sept 7th was the day when listing agent listed this property. I do not know from what day did she start counting these seven days. My realtor told me that offers will be accepted on sept 13th. This info was given to him by the listing agent. This info was not even available for the people like me, it was only for the agents like YOU. Listing agent apologised for this, and even she did not understand how bank sold it before sept 13th. Like I mentioned earlyer, offers before seven days will not get looked at. This is what bank told to the listing agent, not to me.All these comments you made about ME not knowing how to count days, or ME not figuring things out.........It was agents just like YOU who told me all this (sellers and buyers agent). I had all MY paperwork ready.My realtor also mentioned that there are unethical agents out there, who would sell their mother to make a fast buck. I do not know if this is right but it sure did feel like it.Finally, it did go over the asking price and it did go over the price I was going to offer. I planned on offering more than they asked. Everyone knew that it will get sold for more. Because I did not have the highest offer, is why I am not too pi..ed off, just wanted to be a part of this deal.Good thing is, I did learn from this and next time I will not wait for anything.To everyone else who replyed:Thank you. I understand, cash is king and market is tough.I wish listing agents would share info with everybody and not just with the buyers agent who might miss something important. I did not expect two agents to be so wrong about the seven days.PS! I understand what went wrong this time, so, no more sarcastic comments needed. Inside tips are still welcomed.

Sold before accepting offers???

I was looking at the house that was on the market for $110.000. Foreclosed home. Listed on a September 7th. Me and my realtor stopped by this house on a first day and was told by listing agent (note from listing agent for everyone who was interested) that offers are not accepted first seven days. Six days later this same house was sold??? Listing agent responce was......sorry, that somehow they already had 12 cash offers and many more mortgage loan offers. Nation Star, or something like that, who accepted offer after five days, clearly noted that they will not acccept any offers for seven days and offers before seven days will be denied?I know I keep repeating myself with this seven days but I feel like lots of people were cheated out of this deal because someone somehow did not have to wait seven days. I will also give you this MLS#RX-9975070Let me know if this is the way real estate agents and banks work??Thank you.