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Written about Paul Claeyssens on 09/17/2012
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $500K in Cotati, CA.

We purchased our dream home/farm through Paul and JoAnna. The property hadn't changed hands for around 50 years, but because Paul and JoAnna are unusually conscientious, respectful and locale-savvy people, we were able to understand the history of the various buildings on, and characteristics of, the property.

This was important to us from an historical perspective - we are now forever connected to the wonderful family who worked the farm before us! It was also important from an environmental perspective, because we want to site a children's teaching farm on the site, however 50 years ago the EPA didn't exist! Paul and JoAnna supported us unwaveringly despite an extended contingency phase where they had to meet us repeatedly at the site as we tested the soil, the water, and had a slew of contractors tromping through the site estimating various projects.

Paul and JoAnna have transformed the way I think about real estate agents - they are not only ethical, but they are also rigorous. Furthermore, they will go to bat for you, even if that means more work or less money for them. They also paid for a year's warranty on our new home. We are quite literally ecstatic, and when we have our housewarming, we will definitely make them blush with our effusive toasts of praise.

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