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I am a real estate agent in Yuma Arizona who always highly recommends a home inspection to my Buyers. I do this so my Buyers avoid the chance of unknowingly falling into a money pit. It's important for me that my Buyers have peace of mind when purchasing a home. At the very least, they'll go in knowing what they're getting into.

When the subject comes up who they should use, I always tell them about the outstanding track record of Tab & Aimee Wilcox of HouseMaster home inspection services.

What I like most about Tab & Aimee is their encouragement of the Buyers being present during a home inspection. This way they can explain to my clients, face-to-face, the issues that come up and how the new Buyers can deal with the issue.

Two thumbs up for the service provided by HouseMaster Home Inspection Services of Yuma! If you're Buying a house, always, always get a home inspection. I highly recommend Tab & Aimee Wilcox of HouseMaster.
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