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Written about David Hoggatt on 07/19/2012
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $200K in Sacramento, CA.

David and an agent named Tyler underneath him WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! They called all the time to our bank and kept pushing them to move forward with the short sale on our house. We were really upside down, and these guys did everything they could to get things going. Everytime I had to deal with my bank, they would be rude to me, and these guys made it so I never had to speak with them again. If I had a question or concern, I would call/email and always had a response right away. If I had missing paperwork, David or Tyler would notify me so I could get it in right away. They made sure I turned everything in, and would call weekly to make sure we weren't missing anything. Also, even though we took a huge loss on our house because of the market, David got us a refund check. He had a buyer for us right away, and once the bank accepted the short sale, we closed within 7 days!!! I would recommend him more then anyone else I have ever dealt or talked to. And when I go to buy a new house in a few years, I will be calling David, even though I now live in Central California, I am still going to be calling him and have him be my agent!! I have recommended him to friends of mine, and think he is definitly someone that knows what he is doing.

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Response from David on 07/31/2012

We look forward to working with you again when you are ready!