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Advice on next real estate move


My largest goal is long term growth. Cash flow isn't really that important for me right now, but obviously would be nice to have best of both worlds. I would also like to be able find a way to purchase more properties. Maybe unconventional loans?

Advice on next real estate move

Hello, I am looking for someone with more real estate experience than myself to give me some good informative advice on what the next step in real estate should be... Here is my situation:I currently have 3 properties. Live in one and rent out the other two. I'm single, in my late 20's and make around $85k a year.  Other than my three mortgages I will be completely debt free in the next month or two. Due to my mortgage debt BofA would not give me another mortgage due to my debt to income so I am looking in changing my investments to better ones if possible. Maybe finding a way to pay one off? Neither rental property qualifies for a primary residence tax-free sell.Property #1:2bd 1.5bath Condominium in Sherwood, OregonPurchased  10 years ago - Interest Rate: 6.25% Currently owe: $34k  Approx Value: $85kCost to own per month: $821 Rent: $750/month with great long term renters (Now on month to month lease), could rent for $950 if they moved outHousing Market: Steadily increasing back to what it was. Zillow predicts 5.3% increase in next year.Property #2:3 bedroom 2bath SFR in Phoenix, AZPurchased 2 years ago - Interest Rate 5.875%Currently Owe: $46k Approx Value: $120kCost to own per month: $500Rent: $900/month - renters on second year of lease which can be ended if I choose to sell property (In lease), could rent for $950/monthHousing Market: Increasing fast - Zillow expects to increase 17.7% in next year Property #3:My primary residence4 bd 3 bath SFR in Tracy, CAPurchased less than a year ago - Interest Rate: 3.5% FHA loan with min down payment so I put large mortgage insurance down and pay large amount a month.Currently Owe: $280k  Approx Value: $340k Mortgage payment: $1,950 Currently able to rent for approximately $1,700/monthHousing Market: Increasing fast - Zillow predicts 19.7% increase in next year