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We have been working for the past few months with Ashley Fuhr and she is truly amazing. From day 1 and the very first call, she was on job. She gave us the best advice and was always ahead of us in what our next questions would be and what would be profitable for us. I believe a good realtor is someone who doesnt try to sell you something you dont want and also give the facts straight. She did exactly that for us and so we grew confident that she is 100% working on our side. We are very glad we found her and will continue working with her for all our searches.More Less

Vik was very helpful to us from day one. Being first time home owners, we had little idea on what were the important factors to look for. He showed us things we had to look for in a house to identify the quality of the house. He listened to all our needs, identified homes to match them and took us around patiently showing almost 20-30 places before we boiled down to a couple of houses at one location. We were in a dilemma between a foreclosure and a comparatively smaller house. He convinced us to go for the foreclosure and gave us ideas on how we could transform the foreclosure. While we were waiting on our offer to be accepted on the foreclosure, he continued showing us more places and coolly pointing out to us the good and the bad in a house. We had almost lost the deal on the foreclosure but he managed to revive it with the bank and helped us crack it. We will highly recommend him to our friends. He even helped us look for the vastu of the house that we finally bought.

Thank you Vik for all your help.
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