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Written about Helen Edwards on 12/28/2012
Bought a home in 2012.

Helen was wonderful to work with. We had a lot of emails back and forth to help her determine just what we were looking for. She sent us photos and descriptions of various lots and we gave her a list of what we liked or didn't like about each one. Once we had it nailed down, we met with her and she spent a FULL day looking at all of the selections we thought were a good possibility. We put a contract down on the perfect property that day! Can't wait to build there in the next 5 years! Helen knew the area to a tee. She was able to tell us about the different communities, and didn't waste our time with looking in places that wouldn't interest us or meet our criteria. She also didn't limit our selections to only properties that she listed either! In fact, the property that we bought was listed by somebody else altogether! Helen, you did a great job - thank you! Also note that her web site is great - it is the go-to place for finding property. She has listings for the whole area including listings from other brokers - what a God-send when trying to find the perfect place. Definitely a PLUS!

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