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  • Written about Tom Hall on 09/09/2013
  • Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $225K in Oklahoma City, OK.
    I would like to apologize upfront for this novel of a review; however, we took a lot of time reading numerous agent reviews and it seemed as if no one took the time to write an informative critique of their agent. This was the first time buying a home and we felt we were embarking on a long and virtually unknown path. We set out to find a trustworthy agent that would represent us and our interests. We called/conducted phone interviews with several agents before getting into contact with Tom Hall. I knew Tom was the right agent after answering a couple questions. His demeanor, enthusiasm, and knowledge were consistent with the Zillow reviews we read online (which I must admit I was skeptical of at first). He answered each question without hesitation and we felt comfortable choosing him over 10+ agents. We gave him search criteria on “Day 1” and by “Day 3” we had a list of 10 homes to look at. Unlike other agents I read about, Tom did not try to sell us anything. He went exactly off the requirements we chose and if we didn’t like the house, we simply moved to the next home. We asked for his professional opinion on several different homes and he gave it to us and we truly appreciated the integrity Tom had. He gave us his honest opinion. Sometimes his opinion would go along with what my wife and I were thinking and other times it did not. To me, this is what made Tom GREAT. A person with low integrity would go along with the buyer and be a “yes” man and to me this is what I was afraid of most. I wanted an agent to keep us out of trouble and ensure we made smart decisions. It takes a real professional to offer advice, sometimes not beneficial to himself, to tell the truth. We purchased our home and my wife and I feel like we made a very good decision. I reluctantly contacted Tom after the final sell to follow up on something I had forgot during closing. He worked the issue immediately and it was resolved within hours. This again speaks volumes of the person he is. I feel another person would have got around to it at their earliest convenience because the house was already sold and in reality they weren’t “working for us anymore”. We highly recommend Tom Hall to anyone looking to purchase a home.
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    Response from Tom on 10/09/2013
    amazing family to work for! They interviewed me and many other Realtor's and I was just open and honest with my response that I will work hard and be transparent and care about my customers! They were so easy and such a pleasure to work with. They ended up finding their dream home and when I say dream home I mean contemporary, IKEA, imported floors large spacious rooms! and with many kids this family needed lots and lots of space, we negotiated a fairly good price and got this family in their dream house in 30 days with little to no out of pocket expense. I cant wait to see them again at our customer appreciation night coming up!


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