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Delete a question or answer

I need my question and answer for 2222 onekama,  removed.  Can some help do this for me please?  See my response below to others with same problem. 

Deleting a Question that I created


I too, have posted a question and answer i did not want to put on a house. It was meant for zillow.  the address is 2222 onekama, grand rapids, mi 49506.  I have spent alot of time trying to use this site and it is frustrating since the instructions are incorrect, as you have stated.  You can't edit question and delete nor can you do the same with an answer.  Also, I have brought up the point of having the address on the map not correlating with the house, usually off by one or two homes.  When will this be fixed so someone looking at the map is not confused.  thank you for your help.  The misinformation costs me over an hour of frustration so far.  disappointed.



sorry, this was meant for zillow.


the house you have pictured here is the next door neighbor and is the house address of 2244 onekama and the picture of 2244 onekama is actually the house up the street two houses. I don't know that address.