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Can a foreigner buy a house in the U.S.?


no problem if paying cash; i'm not sure about the tax requirements though...there is a withholding for foreigneres when they go to sell the house...i think it's like 33.333% of the sales price.

Can a sellers agent report out on traffic from a for sale listing?


it's impossible to know for sure. it is difficult to track since it's some from multiple sources (hence MLS). They can track showings via electronic key cards, but not actual hits from the interenet since they are displayed on various providers' websites.

How can I tell how many offers a house has received?


Offers are not confidential information, but every market and Realtor has a different practice. I always ask if and how much the others offers have been saves a lot of time if we dont want to offer that high or be bothered to enter into a crazy bidding war. In CA the only real way an offer is confidential is to have a non-disclosure and confientiality agreement signed by buyer and seller...otherwise they can shop your offer around.

qr codes


This QR business is BS. It never caught on and no one knows what it is for...not even young people! just put a website down and be done with it.

Should I purchase a home as a grad student


only buy if you plan on holding it for a long time. it sounds like you have the math worked out for keeping it as a rental after you graduate.