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The 120 Most Expensive Homes EVER Sold in Boston

We all know Boston can be a might pricey city....but just HOW pricey?I thought it might be cool to put together a little map of the most expensive real estate sales (single family and condos) in Boston's history.Feel free to head right to the [Good Neighbor Policy]. to see all 120 sales - all the pins are clickable and contain specs and pictures where available.  I've also got a few juicy details from the sales [Good Neighbor Policy.][Good Neighbor Policy. ]

2000 - 2009 Boston condo market trends report

I thought I would share this 2000-2009 Boston condo market report with everyone.  It has extensive data on the Boston market, neighborhood by neighborhood, over the past 10 years.Anyone have any thoughts on the Boston downtown market and where it's headed in 2010?

we have some money to put down but not enough for the area. Can the tax break be used as the down?


chefjohhnyg,The $8000 tax credit cannot be used as part of a down payment.  You receive the credit only when filing your tax return after you purchase the home.  For a clear and concise, but full explanation of the tax credit see: How the new $8000 first time homebuyer tax credit will work.There are also a number of low down payment loan programs you may want to research to see if homebuying makes sense for you.  There are a number of great programs available through FHA loans, Mass Housing Loans, and City of Boston Home Center financial assistance.All that being said, my advice would be to NOT buy a home just because of the tax credit or just because a low down payment loan is available.  Continue to do your research and make sure it is a sound financial and family decision for you for the next 5+ years.  Owning a home is a great long term financial decision for most people, but it is not something to jump into just for a tax credit, for example.  It's a nice incentive for sure, but not something that should be the most important factor.  I'd be happy to help discuss further with you if you want - just contact me through my profile here on Zillow.

Delinquent Mortgages Set to Nearly Double in 2009


Should we save borrowers in default?  Will loan modification prevent all these forclosures and help rescue the economy?  [content removed by moderator for being self promotional]