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virginia_gent wrote:

Why is my zestimate lower than a nearby smaller house on same street?
My house has a $100k lower Zestimate than a smaller house on a smaller lot on the same street in the same small subdivision. 
May 21 2013
I mistakenly ended a listing. The information is still showing but not in searches for home for sale
234 Karleys Way,  22645... How do I get it back as a listing?Thanks
July 12 2011
Who pays for a Zestimate?
It seems to me that people who pay to list their homes on Zillow shouldn't have to compete with Zillow on their asking price.  I was ok with Zillow showing graphs of independent data on the ups and downs of housing values, but when it started this Zestimate thing, it started undercutting listers who were priced higher.  I sold my house last week for $67k more than the Zillow's Zany Zestimate.   Fortunately, my buyer got his own appraisal.  Well, he didn't find me through Zillow anyway, but through MLS.  I pulled my listing, but the ghost of it is still lurking with the Zestimate in place of the original asking price...  I like Zillow's look and presentation, but... nuff said. 
July 07 2011
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