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How long should a court approved short sale take (MA area)?

I have a property under agreement and was a short sale.  The short sale had to be submitted by a certain date but the deadline was missed.  My client loves the house and is willing to wait.  However, I have experienced plenty of short sales but never a court approved short sale.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!

Agents not returning calls!


As an agent, it has happened to me by other agents.  That is my one complaint.  In my area, there are a lot of short sales and some agents have quite a few listings.  I wish they would just take on what they can handle.  I am truly sorry to hear that is happening to you!

How do I know if the house I am renting is in foreclosure?


Thanks for the question!  I would definitely recommend town hall/city hall but they usually don't have that information right away.  If is it a short sale most like it is posted on a listing service so you can always contact a realtor in your area to check.

Does the general public know how real estate agents make money?


In the areas I cover, I don't think the "general public" understands how the agents earn money. I can give many examples but out of respect I won't.  I think even if you explain it, they are sometimes confused but it is part of the "game".

What is the single most reason why a home doesn't sale?

Best Answer

Agree with the below!  Pricing is key!  Make sure it is priced according to your neighborhood.  If you made improvements to your house and it is better than every house in your area, it may not sell and that is because of location.  Hope that helps!

does a heat pump add value to my home?


These days it all depends on the location of your home.  If you are in an area with foreclosed/short sales then no.  However, it all depends on the location.