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To Stage or Not To Stage?


I agree with the Palm Bay Realtor who said de-cluttering and preparing for honered guests to visit is about where you want to be in terms of staging.  Try for a neutral palette with a few flourishes for color.  Remember, you are trying to show the great features of your home, not trying to convince the buyer they should not change a thing.

Oversized Jacuzzi Tub


If you are in a neighborhood preferred by younger people who love projects, then leave the big-mamoo and avoid the stress of making changes. More recently, I find even younger buyers avoiding any type of renovation unless the price is dirt cheap and then only reluctantly.  Renovation costs are difficult to contain on an older home, so be sure to add 15% to whatever you estimate your change-out to cost.  And be prepared for dust and frustration unless you are super-human. 

Converting a pool to salt water?


Ultimately, the salt water system has a chlorine generator that breaks the salt water down in chlorine.  So essentially, if you want to avoid chlorine, this is not accomplished by this type of system.  There are other systems that use ionzation and copper to accomplish clean water, but they too are pricey.   

How much of a house can I afford?


Even if you qualify for a mortgage to purchase a $190,000 home does not mean you can "afford it."  Put a pencil to paper, make a budget and decide if you want more house or more vacations or evenings out. And, don't forget to budget for routine maintenance of the home, utilities and any other items you think may go up as a result of owning the larger home, including taxes. Having a great house and not being able to afford to eat out is commonly known as being "house poor."  Only you know what you enjoy doing with your money.  Only you can answer realistically if you can afford the larger home and your current lifestyle too.

what happens next once your offer is accepted and the inspection is done?


Now that you have a written agreement with the Seller, both parties will proceed to do what the agreement states.  The Seller has likely agreed to provide clear title and possession of the property to you for payment of a certain sum.  You have likely agreed to pay a certain price, under certain conditions which may include the satisfactory results of inspections and acquisition of financing.Read you contract thoroughly, if you have not done so already, and contact your Realtor with any questions you may have on how to proceed. 

Staging-Is it important ?


"Staging" is a term I truly dislike.  The goal of sellers should be to live well in their home, which in turn, will demonstrate to others how to live well when you leave.  Your home does not have to be designer needs to be clean, orderly and well maintained.  "Stage" your home when you move in...not when you are getting ready to sell.  It's truly a shame to move out once you have things as they should be. Get it right up front and the rest will take care of itself.  If you have no creativity or experience, calling in a designer is necessary, but please do it when you buy, not when you sell.