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Relocating and need to rent. Possible with poor credit?


@A1T6: If you deal with private landlords, you may have some negotiation room.   First you can explain that the only reason (I hope) that your credit score is low is related to the short sales issues and house issues leading up to the short sale.  Second - you can provide a bigger deposit (or separate escrow account) to ensure you will pay your rent.@zuser20141006135628964If you are interested in a specific property advertised on ZIllow, please contact the person advertising the property.   The contact information will be on the ad.   Zillow is a media company, not a real estate agency.

property inactive plus I have more listings that are not showing on Zillow why? Please contact me


Hi Theresa:Have you found the Zillow agent help center yet?    There is an FAQ "How does Zillow get my listings?'  which may be helpful.You should ask around your office to learn how your brokerage sends Zillow listings.   Most MLSs do not syndicate with Zillow, so the brokerage may have a listing feed to Zillow or may leave it up to each agent.Your listings will be linked to your profile on Zillow by E-mail address, but only if your profile says "agent" (you can edit your profile).  

Realtor brings buyer after end of contract and represents buyer. Commission %?


Pull out your contract and read it carefully.    If this is within the scope of the contract, then it is reasonable to expect the commission shown in the contract.  (An example would be someone who had already seen the house, and whose name was on a list provided to you in writing within a couple of days after the end of the contract).   It is outside the scope of the contract (e.g. a new person), then you can negotiate the commission.

1st Time HomeBuyers: Where do we start?


Zillow has a section called "buyer's guide". , I recommend you start there.    There is also a section on the HUD site about home buying, read it carefully.  Libraries also have a number of resources on home buying.   You are wise to call your credit scores "a bit shakey".    Have you investigated why that is and put together an action plan to improve them?    While you probably could get a loan with your current scores, you would have a firmer footing and more options if you get them higher.How is your saving for down payment, closing costs and an emergency fund?    Home buying is a major transaction, probably the biggest of your life so far.   Do far more study up front than you would do for buying a new/used car before reaching out to sales people.  When you are ready to contact sales people, interview carefully.   They get paid well for helping you, so make sure you find one who meets your needs.

Help with selling a mid-renovation.


Sounds like you've done a huge amount of work, but you're at a stage where it  is going to be very difficult to sell as it is not habitable.  I don't know your purchase price, but would be very surprised if your sales price would make enough money to pay for your costs.

Will I qualify for a rent to own home if my credit isnt good?


Rent to own is between you and the owner.    An owner may want some confidence that in two to three years you will qualify for a mortgage, and so should you.  Some things to know about "rent to own":You will need a substantial non-refundable down payment.  It averages about 10%, it ranges 5 to 30%. Your monthly payment will be  more than fair market rent, only the difference goes towards purchase.If you don't qualify for a mortgage for the agreed price at the agreed date, you lose all the money you've paid to date and lose your home.  If the owner (while you are a renter) doesn't pay their mortgage, you lose your money and home.The choices are few, the risk is great.  Why not work on your credit and go about it for greater choice and less risk.