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15 year refinance without appraisal?

An appraisal may help your situation because you may have more equity than you think and avoid mortgage insurance.
January 26
Short Sales & Foreclosures
It seems that as soon as a listing is labelled a Short Sale and Foreclosure they get sold fairly fast.  However, those are not always the best priced properties and certainly not the best quality. Remember, someone walked away for a reason, usually because they couldn't sell the property due to lack of demand.  I am not saying there are never any good ones out there.  However, I recommend to always shop around and do not get in the mind set you need to find foreclosures or short sales for a good deal.  There are many sellers with great deals in todays market.I know of properties selling for below foreclosure rates that are regular sellers.
August 14 2011

Short Sale / Short sell - Pros and cons?

The Pros are you get to sell your home and move on.The Cons are you may be liable for the short fall especially since you mention you are "financially OK".  The last short sale I did they had to prove they were "Not financially OK".  There are no guarantees the bank will not come after you for difference in many cases.  However, I recommend you hire an attorney to increase your odds of further forgiveness of debt.It will most likely hurt your credit score, but you may be able to protest the impact over the years.  I think it is far better than a foreclosure on your credit.  Also read about what the Obama Administration is doing for short sellers: you all the best!Will Beecher 
April 01 2010