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willow wrote:

on my home we purchased 7 years ago you still have previous owner and price they paid.
2012 franklin ave 95204 we paid $460,000.00 in april 2005 should the value reflect what we paid not the previous owner.Our home is a custom home waterfront not the same as standard homes it is on a larger lot in the county.
January 21 2012
where are you getting these values they seem to fluctuate way to quick on the values
my house is waterfront custom and over one third acre yet you are not getting the value for any of that
September 28 2010
description of our neighborhood by zillow
I find zillows description of my country club neighborhood very degrading the way they are stating people are penny pinchers and the other remarks.This area has been for years a great place where people walk by and say hi to one another. The homes are kept up it is a place whereother people look to buy nice homes on the rivers and get great deals. But this slandering of our community and the zestimates that are way lower then even the southside of Stockton needs to be addressed as zillow is not a good site to use for a real value of our homes and people. 
June 28 2008

House for Sale

it would be nice to see the outside so that people can decide if they want to see it to possibly purchase it
April 16 2008
Do you have pictures of the house
April 16 2008
6225 embarcadero
is your house on the water and is there hoa or cc& r payments on the house
April 15 2008