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Looking to sell home next year, what should we invest in before selling to help our chances


Sounds like you are doing a lot of the right work to help with value and resale.  I think what you will find is that after redoing everything else in the kitchen your older appliances will really stand out as, well, "older".  My inclination is to recommend you update the appliances as well.  How about putting the older appliances up on craigslist for sale to offset the cost of new ones?  Stainless isn't as much as a "must have" as it used to be in my market, but it sure shows well and it is a lot less expensive than it used to be because there are more options.I would say you are spot on with the rest of improvements though.  Good Luck!

should I mention to my attorney that the seller did work without a permit? I am a little nervous.


Where I do business it is not uncommon for work to be done without a permit, but it is becoming more and more important to determine the reprecussions with our town departments.I have had several cases lately where work that was not permitted had to be "inspected" by a building, electrical and plumbing inspector for the town prior to closing at significant cost to the seller. If you go to sell the property in a few years and the "no permit" issue comes up you should not have to assume that cost and aggravation. It is something I make sure, as a buyers agent, to do some research on prior to Purchase and Sales. The amount of work done also comes into consideration. I have a discussion with my buyer to determine their comfort level with the work done, but I would always err on the side of caution and disclose it to any attorney we are working with.Whatever your decision is, good luck!

Should a buyer disclose financial information (job, salary, assets and liabilities) when making a


A seller can ask for those things and I have seen them do so, but that does not mean you have to provide them if you do not feel comfortable doing so.  It is not unusual for a seller to request proof of funds (pof) when receiving cash offers.I suppose it would also depend on where you are purchasing and how common 1-2 million dollar homes are.   Good luck with your purchase and hopefully you have an experienced agent representing you.

Renegotiation contract after inspection


Just a note on 2 layers of shingles vs 1 and not so much how you should proceed with negotiation as that really is something you should discuss with your agent.From a contractor friend:2 layers are allowed but is not optimal and may reduce the life of the shingles because of the increased heat build up.  Also, if the second layer roof was not put on right, finding and fixing future leaks will be a hassle.Two layers adds extra weight that the truss design may not be designed to bear.  Also, longer nails should be used when installing a second layer?Sounds like you like the property quite a bit and I hope whatever decision you make ends up being the right one!  Good Luck!

Home not listed


Is it for sale or rent? or are you just llooking for info/zestimate on it?