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The photo of my home is outdated or inaccurate

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Hi Alicia,Deb is right... unless you are in the process of marketing and selling your home it doesn't really matter what photos are on Zillow. In the future when you do place your home on the market with a Realtor, any new photos will be automatically uploaded to Zillow (as long as the agent allows it, which most do).  With that said, with the many changes in technology and the real estate industry happening each year, who knows what role Zillow will play when you are ready to sell your home? But you can be sure that professional Realtors will be around to help you with the latest cutting edge marketing for your home.Jim ArmstrongPresidentNorth Shore Association of Realtors

can I get a mortgage when my salary is only 20,000 a year?


The short answer is yes, but it depends on several other factors besides your income. It doesn't cost anything and there is no obligation to talk with a mortgage person. This is the first step in buying a home anyway. Good luck.

Why are there two different listings for our property?


Hi,One of the issues with Zillow and some of the other real estate web sites that consolidate their information from several different sources is that there can be inaccuracies in the data they receive. In the case of your condo, they pulled info from MLS and from public records. Because the addresses didn't match exactly (One was"#3" and the other "Unit 3"), the automated program that Zillow uses assumed that they were two different properties.The reason the estimates are off is because Zestimates are not an exact science. They rely only on the data they receive, without regard to condition, improvements, etc. No one but Zillow knows the exact formula they use for arriving at their valuations. The two Zestimates on your condo are only $9,000 apart. That's actually pretty good for an automated estimate. The only way to get something more accurate is to pay an appraiser or have a Realtor do a market analysis. A Zestimate might be a good starting point, just don't rely on it too heavily. I know the Zillow estimate for my home is $30,000 less than its actual value (about 10% off).

Why am I unable to find my condo


Zillow pulls much of their information from public records (including tax records), and public records are known for their inaccuracies including having the incorrect address information. Try using some variations of your address, or leave off the unit number. It could be that your unit was omit somehow. I've seen it before.Jim