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08/29/2014 - Zaliktiny
Helped me rent a Townhouse home in Lakewood, CO.

So, to start all of this, when maintenance was requested, they sent someone out and charged us without letting us know it could be charged. So, we incur a several hundred dollar charge without even knowing we could be charged for it. That was fun.

Now I have moved out, and they have officially become the worst rental company I have ever heard of or experienced. I received an email stating that they had received my keys and garage door opener, yet in my statement today they charged me for replacing both of those. They charged me for replacing the microwave, which was a shock since I didn't know anything was wrong with the microwave. They didn't include any info exactly either. Then when I call? Absolutely nothing. This is absolutely ridiculous, and they won't even talk to me.

Need I mention that they were the worst management company when it came to random inspections/not doing anything they were supposed to on their end of the lease?
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07/15/2014 - knewby75
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Aurora Highlands, Aurora, CO 80017

I tried to reach a "Barbara Doyle" at RPM CO for over a week about a property I basically wanted to put a deposit down on ASAP. I was NEVER contacted back by anyone there. I went ahead and contacted the office to put my application in without seeing the property I was contacted and told I had been approved and could move in August 7th once I saw the place (which is required before leaving a deposit) I left work early to attend a showing at noon. Barbara Doyle showed up at 12:45PM - "Sorry I forgot about you guys" We viewed the place and although it was super dirty, assuming this would be taken care of before move in, we went to the office to deliver our security deposit. They happily took my $1,000.00 deposit and when I asked about the pet deposit, they stated that there were no pets allowed.


The ad online did NOT say no pets, trust me I checked several times


They just want your money. Be very very cautious and don't expect any customer service: You will be doing all the leg work.

I'm just glad I began my search a month before my current lease was up or I would be homeless no thanks to this company.
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06/13/2013 - user9452864
Helped me rent a home.

Great working with. she was on time and call me immediately when the place was ready. she also called me to tell me she was running 5 minutes late, i too was running late and was about to call her. she knew the property and let me look as i pleased. thanks!

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