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selling price


Are you looking for a market analysis on your home?If so, we will need some more information about your home so we can provide you with a CMA.If not, let us know exactly what you are looking for so we can better serve you.[link removed by moderator]Sincerely,Jamie & Josh 

have my heart set on buying a condo in san diego... advice needed please


We all need to start somewhere and the fact you are looking to invest in real estate is a step in the right direction.Monthly costs will vary from condo to condo.  Some Home Owner Associations cover certain utilities as part of your monthly fee. Other costs associated with purchasing property will include your mortgage, property taxes and insurance.  Of course you would have your everyday living expenses as well.   Based on the information in your e-mail we do not have the ability to tell you how much condo you can afford.  You can fill out the pre-qualification questionnaire at, which will allow us to send your request to our preferred vendors. Visit to start your free search for condos in San Diego.  Register and save your search which will keep you notified on new and updated listings.Sincerely,Jamie and Josh

How can I know that the title is clear or not before the auction of a house?


The most accurate way is to purchase a title policy from a local or national company (Fidelity National Tile etc.). Prices can range from few hundred dollars to higher, depending on the price of the home.  A small price to pay when putting non refundable money into a transaction.  Unfortunately any other way is not to be deemed fully reliable.Regards

need to know if i can get loan to buy and rehab property.


Juan,You will need to go through through the standard loan process.  To purchase a property that is in perfect or less than perfect condition a lender will need to know what the asking price is and is it in line with what an appraisal will show, how much you are wanting to put down and the loan type and purpose (investment).   Based off of the above questions, you will have to qualify just like any other mortgage if the appraisal supports the purchase price, and you meet the other loan factors you will be able to purchase as an investment property.  Call a loan rep at BofA as they have some pretty competitive programs on the retail and wholesale (what brokers offer).Hope this helps.Josh 

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-CBWGSNQ


When shopping for a loan, start by giving all professionals the same information.  For a broker (a professional who has a list of many banks) or a lender (one bank), they will need your income, credit score, home price, how much down or loan to value and what type of loan you are looking to do. If you give different types of information you will get different quotes.  Also limit your search to two to three professionals, any more than this and it will get confusing.  Let them tell you the rate and term you qualify for based off of that day (rates change daily) and what the fees are.  If you tell them what you are being quoted then you run the risk of shopping for a mortgage like a used car (I call it blind bidding, let them do the work).  If the mortgage payment works for you and you can work with the broker or lender, then move quickly.  Review a GFE (Good Faith Estimate) and move forward accordingly.  Delaying or waiting for rates when you have one that works is like gambling.Further, having your credit pulled by two to three brokers within a couple of days will not affect your credit.Best of luck and email us with any other questions or login to [link removed by moderator] and look on our in the news section which explains how rates are determined and move with the market.Thanks,Josh