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How do you estimate the values of homes.


HI Requesting a market analysis from an agent is FREE most of the time. It is the most accurate since we know our market we visit the property and look for matching homes in the neighborhood. There are a lot of factors that come into effect, location.gross living area, age of the house and the updates. I do recommend you call an agent or two to get the most accurate price.  

Rental Fraud

What actions would you take if your listing was listed at a lower price with a different phone number. Would you only report it to Zillow turn it down or take further action..  Any advice is great.  


How do you change the settings to post on your business profile in google+.

Google +

How do we post on our business profile not the personal profile in google+

Are rental rates negotiable?


It depends on the area and how long they have been on the market. Ask and you will receive.. You are always able to negotiate in life you may not always succeed but why not try unless you have serious competition. Thumbs up if this post is useful. Thanks

Will my credit score/report keep me from renting?


It depends on the seller and the agent. I do recommend writing a letter of explanation and having references including property managers of prior rentals willing to recommend you as a good tenant.