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Looking for IRRRL quotes, please


Mike, I live in Loomis and you can contact me through my profile on Zillow we are not allowed to post our numbers here. I can meet face to face if that helps.Thanks Todd

income and mortgage


If your pay is salary you can use current income to qualify for loan, if you are paid commission or tips then income would have to be averaged. If you need more info you can contact me anytime.Todd

No doc/alt doc loan lenders?


Portfolio lending is starting to come back into the market but normally requires a large down payment, it would help to know what state the property is located in. I know of several lenders in CA that have 12 months bank statement programs or asset depletion ect.Todd

Could spousal support qualify as income for a refinance?

Best Answer

Spousal support can be counted if court ordered and will continue for three years. Debt to income is based on income before taxes are taken out so divide all house payments,taxes,HOA dues (if any), insurance and all installment and revolving debt by the gross income. If you qualify for a HARP mortgage than 50% DTI may be possible. If you have any further questions please contact my through my profile on Zillow.