America’s Most Popular – And Pricey – Presidential Streets

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Roads, buildings and parks are often named after United States presidents. In observance of Presidents Day, Zillow decided to put a presidential twist on housing data.  For this analysis, we looked at homes in our database that have a street name that is also a last name of a U.S. president.  There are two parts to this analysis: the first determined which shared street name is most common throughout the U.S.; the second part determined which presidential last name has the highest median homes values. The White House, pictured above, home to every president since John Adams, has one of the highest home values in the nation.

In this analysis, we included single family residences, condos and co-ops. Overall, there were around 1.8 million homes in the sample analyzed.  To determine the most common street name, all homes within a given area were aggregated to determine the number of homes with each presidential last name.  To determine the most expensive street, median home values were computed for all homes with Zestimates in a given area by presidential last name.

For the nation, the most common shared street name is Washington, with 215,279 homes. The street name with the highest median home value is Coolidge, with a value of $176,300, which is higher than the U.S. median home value of $169,100.  We also calculated common street names and median home values by president for the country’s 35 largest metropolitan areas.  The results of this analysis appear in the table below.

In almost half of the metro areas analyzed, Washington was the most common street name.  Other presidential street names that are common in two or more metro areas are Cleveland, Lincoln and Madison.  There are some regional trends at play too. Washington is the most common street name in all of the New England and Mid-Atlantic metros analyzed in this study.  Lincoln is common in three out of six California metros analyzed, as well as in Chicago, the largest metro area in his home state of Illinois.

Cleveland, Miami, Milwaukee and Sacramento all have the highest homes values on streets that share a name with former President James Buchanan.  Pittsburgh, Providence, Riverside and Dallas, home to former President George W. Bush, have the highest median home values on Bush-named streets.  Streets sharing a name with former President Jimmy Carter have the highest median home values in Columbus, Kansas City and Minneapolis.  Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando and Philadelphia have the highest home values on streets sharing a name with former President Ronald Reagan.  Nashville, San Jose, St. Louis and Baltimore all have the highest median home values on streets named Van Buren.  In Tampa, Cleveland was both the most common and most expensive presidential street.

Use the map below to explore the data.

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