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About This School

D. H. White Elementary School is a public elementary school in Rio Vista. The principal of D. H. White Elementary School is Laura Uslan, who can be contacted at 376 students attend D. H. White Elementary School and identify as Unspecified; White, non-Hispanic; and Hispanic. 21% of the D. H. White Elementary School students have "limited English proficiency." 99% of the 376 students here have subsidized lunches. The student to teacher ratio at D. H. White Elementary School is 17:1. Riverview Middle School is one of the nearest elementary schools.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Arts

    • Drawing painting
  • Sports

    • Yoga

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
Unspecified 8% 4%
White, non-Hispanic 57% 47%
Hispanic 38% 45%
Asian 3% 1%
Multiracial 1% %
Black, non-Hispanic 0.9% 1%
Pacific Islander 0.5% 0.3%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.4% 2297%
Filipino 0% 0.7%
Native American or Native Alaskan 0% 0.4%

Student Subgroups

Subgroup School District
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program 99% 46%
Limited English proficiency 21% 35%

Community Rating & Reviews

  • (6 months ago)

    This school is terrible and I find it interesting that my previous review was deleted from this site. I'm not gonna go through the whole thing again but I will say the bottom line is if you want your child to have a good education DO NOT send them here... I will say that the only good teacher they had was Mr. Wright but he no longer works there.

  • (1 year ago)

    This School didn't do anything to help my Daughter in her education at all. All the teachers would say is that she is a pleasant to have in classand that she there is nothing she needs help with. She went there for kindergarten to 2nd grade. When we moved we found out she was way behind and has a learning disability. If you want your kids to get a great education look into other schools for it. This school will not give it to your children! I am only giving it 1 star because it wont let me leave it empty.

  • (4 years ago)

    I do not understand how this school has a 6 out of 10 rating. The teacher my child had for 2009-2010 was terrible. I am really hoping this year will be better.

  • (4 years ago)

    DH White has incredible teachers!!!!

  • (4 years ago)

    D.H. White school has the best teachers staff and parent involement.

  • (6 years ago)

    We are now going on to our second year at this school and we are looking forward to it. My daughter loves it here and I am finding myself glowing with pride when I talk about D.H White. The are a lot of things that this school needs to do to become a bit more modern but funds are hard to come by. We are going to be getting new computers this year thanks to the fundraising by the PTC. I am a stay at home mom for now so I have more time then others so I volunteer as much as I can. I joined the Parent Teacher Club and I love the feel of knowing more about the goings on at school. The staff are wonderful people and they work very hard for our kids. I wish we had better parent involvement but at every event I saw the same few parents. This is a public school after all so parents need to help out when ever and where ever they can. I am going to be happy to be sending my youngest to this school as well. I'm going to be at this school for a long time. Hope to see you here.

  • (6 years ago)

    My child is in Kindergarten at this school and would be lucky to have any one of the kindergarten teachers here. They are all fabulous energetic and attentive to the kids. They make themselves easily accessible to the parents. The school is typical of a small town in that the staff knows all the students and a lot of the parents and families but I come from a big city and I think this is wonderful! It makes me confident in knowing that my child and my requests will not be ignored and lost in the system. The office staff is great and the PTA group is dedicated and welcoming to all parents that are interested in helping in any way they can. I work full time and have still been able to find a way to be involved.

  • (6 years ago)

    I had my son attend here for 1st and 2nd grade. His first grade teacher was Ms Fredrick and she was very attentive to the students. My son enjoyed going to school and doing his homework. His Second grade teacher ( Ms. Hunt) is very motivating to her students. She really helped my son improve in his reading skills. Overall the teachers have been good. The school administrative needs more assistance. Principal is not always around. Short on staff in the office. This town a is your typical small town feel. Where everyone knows your name and your business. They gossip too much amongst each other. There is not enough diversity within the town or the school. If it wasn't for the Superb Teachers ( Ms. Fredrick is no longer teaching there) I would not have my child in this school.

  • (6 years ago)

    This school is a decent school my child is in kindergarten at this school and had 2 fabulous teachers his first teacher was a temporary Mrs. Saldana and his current teacher Ms. Bonner is also amazing they both care a lot for the children and make lots of efforts to help all chilren. I work in the class frequently and couldnt ask for a better teacher.

  • (6 years ago)

    My child attended this school for 5 LONG years. There are very few good teachers at this school. My child only received a decent teacher in 4th grade as there weren't any bad 4th grade teachers. [My] child does not fall at or below the national standard there isn't any effort put in to helping [her] exceed that standard. This started in Kindergarten and went thru 3rd grade. The principal is very unhelpful [to us] and doesn't seem to want to be there most of the time.

  • (7 years ago)

    Last year my daughter was in first grade and really loved it. Her teachers were wonderful and cared about her and her progress. First grade is great as they separate into groups per reading level and all the first grade teachers are pretty good. Second grade seems to be another story. As far as I can tell there is only one possibly two good second grade teachers and my daughter does not have them. She is in the top of her class academically but is bored and has become unmotivated to read or excel as she is forced to perform on an average or below level and the work is easy and boring for her. There are no programs for students like this and the teachers don't show any sign of caring for her academically or personally that I can tell. I work in the class what else can I do?

  • (8 years ago)

    The kindergarten program at this school is stellar. The parent involvement is very strong and the school provides an after school choir; fall Christmas and Spring musical.

  • (9 years ago)

    Last year was our first year at DH White school and I felt our daughter was very blessed to have Mr. Nick Glende as her teacher. He is very focused and attentive to his students. My daughter attended pre-school before going into Kindergarten but she really didn't show any interest in reading until Mr. Glende worked with her and got her really excited. I was a parent helper in her class and was fortunate to observe his work. The only thing that I have been disapointed in at DH White is the lack of activities outside of the class rooom for our kindergarteners and the lack of parental involvement. I am a working mother and still found the time to be there for my child and as a resource for her teacher. Unfortunatly I am one of a very small group. We need to be partners to expect excellence!!!

  • (10 years ago)

    I love this school. My kids are coming home from school eager to do their homework and keen to learn. Both of my sons are already reading Harry Potter books (all 400+ pages) and they are only in first and second grade!

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