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Home Improvement Professional Reviews in San Diego, CA

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in San Diego

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Stark Development, Inc.

(619) 206-7590

4 total reviews (4 local)

Stark Development, Inc.

Review 02/19/2012:

"Then the entire cement board was sealed with a red sealant paint."

Maurer Construction

(619) 275-4875

2 total reviews (2 local)

Maurer Construction, Inc.

Review 05/24/2013:

"His priority was to give my client the best of the best within a tied budget without ..."


(760) 720-7474

6 total reviews (1 local)

HOCOA - Your Home Repair Network

Review 01/06/2014:

"Instead of paying an engineer a fee to write an estimate, Sam took care of it that ..."

Lisa Hoyt

(858) 395-4958

5 total reviews (1 local)

Lisa Hoyt Design

Review 05/08/2013:

"She proposed an amazing design and color selection, which were within our budget,..."

US Gate Repair Santee

(619) 210-0364

1 total review (1 local)

US Gate Repair Santee

Review 04/29/2015:

"The team's immediate reaction was impressive."

Hubbell & Hubbell Architects

(619) 231-0446

1 total review (1 local)

Hubbell & Hubbell Architects

Review 02/20/2014:

"They are doing that and more for us."

BlueGrape Staging

(858) 776-2729

1 total review (1 local)

BlueGrape Staging San Diego

Review 05/28/2014:

"She went over and beyond, and worked very well within my budget too."

Smith Brothers Construction

(877) 230-0333

8 total reviews (1 local)

Smith Brothers Constructio

Review 02/08/2014:

"His open communication and knowledge of home building helped us build a truly amazing ..."

Robert Rogers

(951) 551-3447

5 total reviews (0 local)

California Handyman

No local reviews yet.

EcoChic Lifestyles

(844) 308-2167

3 total reviews (0 local)

EcoChic Lifestyles Inc.

No local reviews yet.

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Finding the right home improvement pro can be a challenge, so it's important to choose someone with local expertise and specific skills to guide you through your project. You may be looking for a highly specialized individual, or someone with a more general suite of home improvement skills. No matter what type of home improvement or design needs you have, finding the professional you want to work with is the first step. The San Diego, CA home improvement directory lets you view and compare professionals, read reviews, see completed projects, sort by speciality and contact the experts directly from their profile pages on Zillow.
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