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Real Estate Agent Reviews in San Jose, CA

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Reviews in San Jose

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Client review

In San Jose:

84 Local Reviews

31 Recent Sales

5 Listings

Keller Williams Bay Area Estates

Review 11/10/2015:

"She has been an amazing resource and a pleasure to work with."

In San Jose:

85 Local Reviews

21 Recent Sales

3 Listings

Intero Real Estate Services

Review 10/01/2015:

"He convinced us to just clear the countertops, put things in boxes in the garage,..."

In San Jose:

54 Local Reviews

39 Recent Sales

2 Listings

Brett Jennings Real Estate Experts

Review 11/23/2015:

"The whole team works well together."

In San Jose:

39 Local Reviews

23 Recent Sales

2 Listings

Intero Real Estate

Review 11/18/2015:

"When you meet a kind soul, you can just feel it."

In San Jose:

42 Local Reviews

13 Recent Sales

No Listings

Better Homes and Gardens

Review 11/08/2015:

"As a buyer, I always felt that Michael was fully supportive and responsive to my ..."

In San Jose:

30 Local Reviews

24 Recent Sales

5 Listings

BOYENGA TEAM I Keller Williams

Review 11/15/2015:

"Strong realtors and wonderful people."

In San Jose:

27 Local Reviews

29 Recent Sales

3 Listings

Keller Williams

Review 09/11/2015:

"From the word go, Shannon & team took every step necessary to not only get top ..."

In San Jose:

31 Local Reviews

19 Recent Sales

1 Listing

Alain Pinel Realtors

Review 10/22/2015:

"He was aware that the clock was ticking and really hustled to make the process go ..."

In San Jose:

33 Local Reviews

11 Recent Sales

No Listings

Intero Real Estate

Review 08/19/2015:

"She is in all respects a consummate professional."

In San Jose:

22 Local Reviews

27 Recent Sales

No Listings

Keller Williams Realty

Review 10/30/2015:

"The incredible speed and ease with which we were taken through the process is nothing ..."

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